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Lina Quintana

Lina Quintana



(+52) (656) 627-00-00


She joined Toulet & Gottfried in January 2023. He has 9 years of experience in the area of ​​tax auditing in the Tax Administration Service, specifically in the departments of home visits, office and opinions, carrying out taxpayer inspection processes, until the determination of some tax credit.


In the private initiative, he worked for almost two years where he worked as an accounting assistant, which allowed him to learn the management of Contpaq, Checpaq, as well as extensive experience in preparing payroll through Nomipaq, calculating withholdings and determining the Integrated Daily Salary, knowledge and management of the IDSE and SUA. In turn, calculation of taxes such as Payroll Tax, Value Added Tax and Income Tax, preparation of Informative Statements of Operations with Third Parties and bank reconciliations.


  • Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Juárez, Public Accountant Degree.​



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