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We have represented foreign and national clients in the purchase, sale, construction, development, administration and financing of housing, commercial and industrial projects throughout the Mexican Republic.

Our experience includes transactions with commercial centers, time sharing contracts, office buildings, purchase and sale of industrial portfolios, title insurance companies, purchase and sale of livestock, forest or agricultural land, real estate trusts and industrial parks, among others.

Our services in the real estate area include among others, the following:

Preparation, negotiation, administration and verification of compliance of the following contracts:

  • Lease

  • Purchase and sale

  • Promise to acquire

  • Trust

  • Easement

  • Construction

  • Maintenance

  • Usufruct

  • Lines of credit and discounts of agreements.

  • Assignments of real or personal real estate rights.

  • Supply of public utilities, including purchase and sale of KVA´s.

  • Corporate warranties

Obtaining permits, certificates and concessions of:

  • Construction

  • Development

  • Occupancy

  • Subdivition of lands

  • Merger of lands

  • Change and/or license of land use or zoning.

  • Certificate of liens

  • Certificate of absence in the Seventh Section.

  • Ecological and site abandonment permits.

  • Water wells

  • Exploration concessions

  • Exploitation concessions

  • Feasibility letters for public utilities.

Coordination and/or performance of the following studies:

  • Title searches and studies

  • Topographic studies, including ALTA surveys.

  • Environmental and ecological studies.

  • Site selection surveys and studies.

  • Real estate return on investment surveys and studies.

  • Surveys and appraisals of realty.

  • Bidding processes for construction.

Real estate tax aspects

  • Study of fiscal compliance at federal, state and local level.

  • Assessment and calculation of the tax impact of real estate transactions.

  • Real estate tax planning

Interfacing with notary public´s offices

  • Prepare and review the corresponding public deeds.

  • Delivery of documents and information, as required by the notary.

Our services in the area of prevention of Money Laundering in the real estate industry include among

others, the following:

Compliance with the obligations of entities or individuals that perform vulnerable activities:

  • Drafting and implementation of an Anti-Money Laundering manual and the respective policies and procedures.

  • Integrate and keep an exclusive file of each client or user.

  • Provide an expert´s opinion on the real estate transaction and file with the Ministry of Finance

  • and Public Credit the corresponding notices, in compliance with the timing and manner provided by Law.

  • Registration with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit in the Money Laundry Prevention portal.


Phone: (915) 613.0192

Tomás A. Edison 1510-201

Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua 32300

Toulet & Gottfried

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