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Dear friend and customer:

On July 24th, 2020, the First Resolution of modifications to the General Rules of Foreign Trade for 2020 was published in the Mexican Official Gazette of the Federation.

The changes with the highest impact are the following:

  • Reduction of benefits granted to companies that have the Registry in theScheme of Certification of Companies, VAT/IEPS modality.

  • The exception of transmission of the Manifestation of Value for companies with VAT/IEPS modality Certification is eliminated.

  • The term of permanence of goods imported temporarily through virtual operations for the VAT/IEPS certification in the AAA category will be 6 months.

  • The companies that have the Registry in the Scheme of Certification of Companies in any modality must make an annual payment of rights.

  • As a requirement for obtaining the VAT/IEPS modality Certification, the return of 60% of the total value of temporary imports made by companies with the IMMEX program must be proven.

  • An extension of time limits is granted for the fulfillment of requirements for companies requesting the Registry in the Scheme of Certification of Companies.

  • Companies with the Authorized Economic Operator modality (OEA) maintain 8 of 22 benefits.

  • The benefits for the AA and AAA categories of the VAT/IEPS modality Certification are eliminated.

At Toulet & Gottfried we can offer you strategies, alternatives and solutions to deal with these changes to foreign trade legislation and avoid affecting the operation of your company.

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Víctor M. Martinez-Ramos


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